Electrified (from countryside to city) 12" ep

by The Hepburns

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The 'Electrified' EP (feat. Electrified, London Welshman and Dive) was released in 1989 on our own label, Magic Records. It was our first and only release on Magic, which we co-founded with Scott Longley after parting company with Cherry Red Records. The EP was recorded at The White House in Kewstoke, where we also recorded the 'Totter' demo which had secured us a John Peel session in March '89.

The musicians are: Matt Jones (guitar, vocals, keyboards); Mike Thomas (bass); Les Mun (drum programming); Nigel Boulton, aka The King of Wales (lead guitar); Cronsey Jones (harmonica).

1. Electrified (from countryside to city)
2. London Welshman
3. Dive


released September 1, 1989

Les Mun - Drums
Matt Jones - Guitar and vocals
King of Wales - Fender Telecaster
Mike Thomas - Bass
Iain Davies - Keyboards
Cronsey - Artwork, pigsqueal, harmonica & krugers

Thanks to Mike Owen for additional photography and press clippings.



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The Hepburns Wales, UK

The Hepburns are a Welsh indie band from Llanelli, South-West Wales. They have recorded ten albums, two EPs, one single, and three BBC sessions and have been signed to Berkeley-based label Radio Khartoum since 1999. They toured the United States and Scandinavia in 2007. 'There’s No Such Thing as The Hepburns', their tenth studio album, is due for release on 29 January 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Electrified (from countryside to city)

It’s morning in the country

Electric pylons hitching up their skirts

Another day twitches expectantly

Convulsive beauty

Touch the wire, carry the power

From countryside to city

Slip your hand between the bark

And the flesh of the great oak

Start to quiver uncontrollably

Strange kind of beauty

Lay me down upon the line

From countryside to city

I know that it can’t be seen

Don’t tell me it’s nothing
Track Name: London Welshman
London Welshman

Now summer’s almost done, guess it’s time to be moving on

Nothing here for a young man, guess it’s time to be moving on

Swansea to Paddington, one way only, no return

Hailed a cab and disappeared, one way only, no return

Became as one with the evening haze

This is the first of the rest of your days

And you struggle to make ends meet, SW2 Brixton

It’s not much, not even home, SW2 Brixton

Left the gossip and the Gorse, the city streets at dusk to roam

For better or for worse, the city streets at dusk to roam

With your eyes closed, how the whole world looks red

Sorry to go but I couldn’t have stayed

Became as one with the evening haze

This is the first of the rest of your days
Track Name: Dive

Another perfect sunset. A diver in black silhouette

Walks to the end of the board.

What do you deserve? What do you expect?

Breaking the cellophane skin of the pool with his hands

A flick of his toes and he bobs up again

God, get me out of this terrible place

The shirts are bright pink and the jackets are tan leatherette

From where I sit I can see the sun but I can’t feel the benefit

What have I done? I can’t recall any great sin.

But then again…